The Steel Yard Superstudio

KITE Architects’ work branded “The Superstudio” at the Steel Yard includes major renovations and an addition to their unique education and industrial arts center in the Valley neighborhood of Providence. Intensive interior and exterior upgrades and synergistic programming transform the un-insulated historic warehouse into a multi-function educational and production studios that support comfortable year-round  programming for multiple disciplines. 

Visibility and identity are key to ongoing fundraising, revenue from classes and events, and public engagement. KITE wanted to honor the facility’s scrappy sensibility while creating new and improved support spaces that expand program offerings and increase the appeal as an event venue.

KITE conducted multiple interviews with staff, board members and performed program analysis and planning to develop a phased plan that targeted mission-critical needs, and made the best use of immediately available funds.

The design uses materials such as perforated corrugated metal cladding emblematic of the Steel Yard and provides opportunities for resident artists to craft elements of their own building.  Careful attention to safe and comfortable work environments that now include full accessibility will expand the reach and impact of their workforce training.