The Dye House

KITE is proud to be a part of the team to create The Dye House in Providence, an innovative hospitality concept that makes the most of its historic building and embraces the vitality of the Olneyville neighborhood.
The building contains a large vaulted, monitor-lit event space showing off the original heavy timber structure, along with 5 private guest rooms for an intimate yet spacious group-stay experience. 

The project has been developed by The Deacon Hospitality Group, whose first project to create stylish Philadelphia event-plus-guest suite space has caught the attention of the international hospitality scene.

KITE helped  identify a renovation approach that showcased the building’s stunning architectural features, and helped navigate the many zoning and building code challenges with the transformation of the urban building. Deacon’s interior designers, ___, created a palette of colors and integrated the work of local artists that provide an airy and fresh atmosphere.