Stories of the Bay: How Art and Design Can Affect the Health of Our Waters

Design can make the invisible visible! This Design Week panel talk hosted by KITE Architects and PVDFest Ideas discusses how Rhode Island practitioners are using design thinking, ancestral knowledge, and data visualization to shine a spotlight on the health of Narragansett Bay.

KITE Architect’s Christine M. West, AIA moderated the discussion, and KITE Architect’s Albert Garcia, AIA gave a presentation on the health of the Bay from the perspective of an architect working with the Narragansett Bay Commission, the agency responsible for the treatment of wastewater in Greater Providence. He also shared his view as a swimmer in the Bay for the past twenty years.

Watch the clip below to hear Albert’s story of how as a “swimmer-architect,” his work has contributed to the betterment of the Bay. 

If you missed this panel discussion during Design Week or wish to watch it again, you can watch it in its entirety right here:

Stories of the Bay illustrates how the disciplines of architecture, art, and physical data modeling combine with community engagement to promote a shared vision for cleaner air, water, and land. What were your thoughts on this discussion? What are your own stories of the Bay?


KITE Architect’s Albert Garcia, AIA, + Christine M. West, AIA¬†
Storykeeper/Artist/Advocate, Deborah Spears Moorehead 
Adjunct Lecturer/Transdisciplinary Artist, Stewart Copeland
Ecologist/Marine Scientist, Jen Bissonnette