Sharpe House, A Design-Build Success Story

KITE Architects and Shawmut are getting rave reviews from our recent completion of the Sharpe House, a high-profile, complicated project at Brown University as a design-build team!

 It’s not luck or coincidence that best describes what transpired in the last two years — it’s intentionality and teamwork. 

ROBERT SELF, Chair, Department of History

The project involved moving a large 4-story historic structure (check out the video here!), inserting a new elevator and circulation core, and building a major addition including a 2-story bridge to its historic neighbor to solve accessibility and code issues, and bringing the offices and classrooms up-to-date for the 21st century – all with a demanding timeline and limited budget.

A view from the bridge that unified Brown’s History Department by connecting Peter Green and Sharpe House. Photo: Warren Jagger

Reimagined Sharpe and Peter Green houses, newly connected, open their doors

By Jill Kimball, Brown University

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — The historic Sharpe and Peter Green houses, former residences that were once neighbors on Angell Street, have spent much of the 21st century apart. Now, after 13 years of separation, the two Brown University buildings are back together again — and, in fact, they’re closer than ever.

Following a two-year project, the two late-19th-century houses — which have long been home to more than 100 faculty members, graduate students and staff in the Brown history department — now coexist alongside each other on Brown Street. They boast renovated interiors, more classroom space and full accessibility to individuals with physical disabilities. Their historic facades are now unified by two modern glass bridges and a light-filled ground-floor “loggia,” lending the department a new sense of cohesion.

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