Roger Williams University School of Architecture

At RWU’s School of Architecture studio renovations the design recommendations are grounded in research in human cognition that reveals how acoustics, spatial cues, light, materials, sight lines and more are perceived, how they cue actions, how they affect our well-being, and ultimately  set the stage for effective learning.  Our focus on human-centered design results in a distinctive and innovative approach to interior architecture. 

As part of the initial Discovery Phase, KITE analyzed the different work modes that happen in a design workspace, including digital focused work, model-making, mentoring, and small group collaboration and critique. The analysis informed a new schema of furniture and groupings of pods that provides 12-person pods that also clarify circulation.

The digital maker-space was relocated and expanded with improved sound isolation and ventilation for laser cutters, CNC equipment and other tools.

The project also included a complete overhaul of the lighting system, including introduction of low ambient light in late evening to encourage circadian rhythms and healthy sleep cycles while saving electricity.

KITE worked with construction manager Pariseault Builders to identify cost and constructibility during the design phase to enable the fast-moving project to be built during the summer school break.