Recording! Behind the Scenes at Summer Street: Planning, Zoning, and Permits, Oh My!

During this session, KITE Principal Christine West, AIA, illuminates the grey area of the approval process for a large urban project with real examples from Summer Street Apartments and Supportive Housing.

Leveraging her decade of service as Chair of the Providence City Plan Commission, Christine shares lessons learned and advice to other developers facing housing projects. The webinar consists of a behind-the-scenes view of the Land Development permitting logistics, zoning considerations, community engagement, legal perspectives, strategies for effective public hearings, and more for this $58M new construction project.

Also included is a conversation on recent changes to State land use law that affect all Rhode Island projects moving forward.

We have recorded the session for those who missed it and hope you will join us for our next free webinar of the series titled Subsurface Mysteries: Dealing with Unseen Complications !

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