Jessica Jacobs

Architectural Designer

As an architectural designer, Jessica is passionate about ensuring inclusivity through architecture. She is driven by the goal to provide functional and refined spaces for everyone, no matter their background.

Before working at KITE, Jessica spent time working on high-end residential projects in the New Jersey. Since joining the KITE team, she has been working on multiple supportive housing projects throughout Providence. In addition to her work in supportive housing, Jessica has worked on rendering different projects, creating Virtual Reality experiences, and rendered videos using advanced computer modeling and image software.

Jessica completed her Bachelor of Science in Architecture and her Master of Architecture degree at Roger Williams University. Her completed graduate thesis was centered on creating affordable healthcare and housing for the homeless in the heart of Providence. Jessica focused on ensuring the community would have access to housing, healthcare, open green space, and education all in one central hub. She is thrilled to be working on projects at KITE that are so closely related to her thesis. Jessica received the top Thesis Honor Award at Roger Williams her final semester for her work in assuring inclusive architecture for everyone.

In addition to working at KITE, Jessica loves to travel whenever she can. After studying Architecture at ISI Florence in Italy, she has been drawn to seeing architectural wonderings up close. So far, she has visited 20 countries and has plans to see countless more in the coming years.