Brigida Capicotto

Architectural Designer

As a designer at KITE, Brigida is focused on creating spaces for people to create memories and experiences. Her work at KITE has included housing for people facing homelessness and community educational facilities. Driven by her interest in learning, she is eager to expand her technical knowledge while progressing her design methods.

Brigida grew up in White Plains, NY and feeling the creative energy of nearby New York City. During her time studying architecture at Roger Williams University, she was fortunate to be able to study abroad in Florence, Italy. There, she discovered architecture’s ability to formally shape the public space, sparking her strong curiosity and passion for architecture and the intersection of the built and historic environment.

When she is not studying for her Architectural Registration Exams, Brigida spends time in nature and captures her experiences through painting, photography, and sketching. While indoors, she loves crafting unique gifts and repurposing items found at flea markets.