South Street Substation, National Grid

KITE is proud to be part of a new a key component in the reliable delivery of electricity to downtown Providence and the future of the I-195 Redevelopment Project. National Grid has broken ground on a new electric substation to replace the existing South Street substation, which dates back to the 1920’s. In addition to supporting National Grid’s current Providence customers, the substation is an essential element to the growth of the I-195 redevelopment district, including the first approved private project for these parcels, also by KITE.

The project includes building to house the substation along with outdoor switching equipment. The facility will be located behind the South Street Landing parking garage which is currently under construction and will be adjacent to the Providence River. National Grid has included a 20 foot wide public walkway along the river in the proposal.

KITE has worked closely with the engineering team led by TRC to develop a design that is appropriate for the visible site adjacent to the Providence River, planned parks, and the forthcoming pedestrian bridge. Working with materials that are both robust and frugal, the exterior includes detailing that recalls interference waves as a nod to the physics of electricity, and to form a subtle pattern from the viewable distance. The composition of required elements such as vents, louvers, and observation windows has been carefully controlled to create an elegant home for this important piece of infrastructure.


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