Steel Yard’s SuperStudio

The Steel Yard is a non-profit industrial arts center and shared studio in Providence. They’re a maker-space and non-traditional craft school, offering artist residencies, workforce job-training, public-art amenities, and educational programs in blacksmithing, welding, jewelry, foundry and ceramics.

The Steel Yard embarked on a $2.7 million dollar restoration and renovation of their 100-year old, 12,000 square foot, industrial arts studio. These renovations, designed by KITE Architects, are directly addressing community needs. From basics such as installing heat and replacing a circa-1920’s electrical system to the integration of solar power, The Steel Yard will now be open year round, adding 4 months of operations to each year.

Call or stop by the Steel Yard to learn more about their newly renovated facility! They are now up and running after almost a year of construction closure and they can’t wait to share the future of The Steel Yard with you!