BRICK AND WATER: Frenemies Forever

On any given corner in our historic capital city, you will find yourself in proximity of a brick building. It is clear that brick buildings will last a long time when cared for properly.  When we disregard the innate character of these buildings, water damage can lead to leaks, cracks, and destabilization. So how is it that we can respect the brick of old buildings in modern uses?

In this webinar, Christine West, AIA, Principal of KITE Architects gives an overview of brick construction and its upkeep! First presented to property owners at our own Pearl Street Lofts, “Brick and Water: Frenemies Forever” is aimed to educate stewards of local architecture about making sure our historic brick structures keep us safe and dry for years to come.  We explore where brick comes from, its unique physical properties, its use in historic mill architecture and how its relationship with water can inform how we build with it and repair it.