Bodhi Spa, Providence

 Located along a prominent mixed residential and commercial corridor on the west side of Providence, the project rejuvenates a formerly dilapidated brick structure and storefront into a new home for The Bodhi Spa.   The spa’s signature “water journey” is dedicated to rejuvenating visitors with a series of hot and cold restorative experiences.  The client’s priority was to create a series of spaces that support the visitor’s experience and total relaxation by providing a safe and healthy environment that respects the need for privacy and security. 

Using a human centered approach, KITE shaped the design to create the desired atmosphere needed to support the sensory experience of the water journey.  The architecture of the space results from careful and intentional manipulation of design fundamentals such as light and dark, sound masking and absorption, materiality, and carefully orchestrated system of circulation paths.  The design features a new light-and-sound-secure envelope that imparts a welcoming and vibrant image while at the same time containing the quiet, peaceful and light sensitive hydrotherapy spa program housed within.

The hydrotherapy spa is a complex series of baths and pools each with specific requirements for water chemistry, temperature, and clarity. The quality of the experience and success of the project depended upon coordination of highly technical building systems and construction details.

  • Thermal comfort is achieved through a delicate balance of air and water temperature, relative humidity, space pressurization and air velocity.
  • Organically inspired floor and wall coverings that artfully inspire a sense of calm and wellbeing were selected for resistance to moisture and humidity.
  • Floor layouts, materials and details provide the highest level of safety and accessibility throughout the spa.