Big Moves for the Historic Sharpe House – Structure Magazine

Once again, the Sharpe House Relocation, Renovation and Addition project is making headlines! This time as a feature in Structure Magazine.

Big Moves for the Historic Sharpe House

By David J. Odeh, P.E., Odeh Engineers

In 2017, Brown University embarked on a multi-phase program to develop a new Performing Arts Center (PAC) at the heart of its campus on the east side of Providence, Rhode Island. The historic fabric of the neighborhood, with its interwoven streets and buildings of various types and vintage, creates both opportunities and challenges for the construction of new, modern facilities. In particular, the PAC would require a large open site for its planned state-of-the-art concert hall.

figure 1.

Rather than demolish existing buildings to create a new building site, Brown’s planners identified an opportunity to relocate a building, called the Sharpe House, to an adjacent site owned by the University (Figure 1). Relocation of this structure would create a suitably sized  lot for the new PAC and would have the additional benefit of re-establishing the historic streetscape at its new site.

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