A New Way of Looking at Architecture

Is your building making you miserable? KITE has spent the pandemic looking at why that might be.

At KITE, our focus on human-centered design results in a distinctive and innovative approach to architecture. At the heart of this approach is our commitment to the understanding of how human cognition responds to the built environment and the impact of these environments on our well-being.

Our design recommendations are grounded in research that reveals how sight lines, spacial cues, light, acoustics, and materials are perceived and how they cue actions and emotions. We synthesize and apply this to create meaningful places that have a measurable positive impact on people they serve.

Interested in learning more about human-centered design? Our team has created a special project we call BEE Studies (Built Environment Effectiveness) to explain what human-centered design is and why it is critical to creating an environment that supports our well-being.

Explore: Lighting, Materiality, Pattern, Privacy, Thermal Comfort, and Wayfinding