Architects as Healers: Buildings as Medicine: A Clubhouse Chat!

KITE Principal Christine West, AIA, sat down with Angela Mazzi and Megan Mazzocco of Architects as Healers: Buildings as Medicine on Clubhouse, to discuss KITE’s human-centered design approach in crafting buildings and spaces for mental, physical and emotional health.

The conversation explores how architecture directly affects people’s quality of life and introduces ideas from KITE’s BEE Studies Project (Built Environment Effectiveness), a research project focused on understanding how the human cognition responds to its surroundings and on developing design strategies that have a measurable positive impact on people they serve.

To listen to the replay, click here. (conversation starts at the 3 minute, 25 second mark).

Interested in learning more about human-centered design? Our team has created a series of white papers to explain what human-centered design is and why it is critical to creating an environment that supports our well-being.

Explore: Lighting, Materiality, Pattern, Privacy, Thermal Comfort, and Wayfinding.