Colt State Park Operations Building

KITE developed the schematic design for construction of a new building to house the historic Colt State Park’s maintenance and administration.  

KITE was inspired by the historic stone walls that characterize the beloved park site in Bristol, Rhode Island, and worked with RI Department of Environmental Management and the RI Historic Preservation and Heritage Commission to identify a location and massing that did not negatively impact key views. The project will ultimately allow the Old Stone Barn, currently the park operations center, to be re-purposed for a more public use.  

The project is envisioned as a net-zero building that incorporates enough solar capacity to meet the building’s needs and help power park lighting. 

The design was part of the initial effort to identify a site, conduct extensive needs assessment and programming, detailed equipment inventory and planning, and develop multiple iterations that allowed permanent and seasonal staff uses. KITE also managed the stakeholder engagement, organizing a public form to discuss priorities and ideas for the new facility.