Barus Carriage House, Brown University

Brown University engaged KITE for the renovation of Barus Carriage House to create additional space for the Theoretical Physics department and design an inclusive collaboration hub for informal academic presentations, served as the central work space for graduate students, and encouraged a cohesive learning culture.

KITE conducted focus sessions with the full department and reconciled programmatic requirements from the Provost’s office with the department’s desire for a more collaborative open environment that fostered fortuitous sharing of ideas. Other work spaces that KITE had designed served as case studies for how to encourage innovation.

Much of the existing space in the historic building was enclosed with dark and narrow corridors. KITE stripped away the partitions and inserted glass interventions that organized newly created spaces; balancing the privacy of staff offices with more informal, open workspaces. The design uses furnishings to define space yet allow different uses, and positioned break facilities in the main area to encourage gathering.