Narragansett Bay Commission Operations Building Addition & Renovation

Providence, RI

In 2007, KITE completed a comprehensive Master Plan Study for the Narragansett Bay Commission Field’s Point Water Treatment Facility. An interactive and thorough programming process addressed the unique needs of each department including: Plant Operations and Maintenance, Pretreatment, Environmental Monitoring and Data Analysis (EMDA) Offices and Laboratory.

The first phase of the Master Plan included a 16,000 sf renovation and 7,000 sf addition to an existing operations building. The project houses the treatment plant control room, administrative offices, lunchroom and locker room facility. For the design of the EMDA Laboratory, KITE worked closely with NBC engineers, scientists and technicians, to develop optimal lab areas for water sampling and analysis. The design integrated state of the art HVAC systems and controls. Materials and finishes were proposed to provide optimum levels of chemical resistance and durability.

The site is designed to maximize reuse of existing site materials such as existing asphalt paving and concrete structures. Existing abandoned concrete ash tanks are reused as large planting beds that demonstrate technologies for controlling storm water and improving water quality. The use of native coastal plant communities minimize irrigation and maintenance requirements, and create a green oasis in the midst of an industrial landscape.

This proposed design was ultimately superseded by plans for new construction which was designed by KITE and completed in 2013.


Merit Award, AIA Rhode Island, 2011