10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Steel Yard!

We are so excited to reveal KITE’s design for the Steel Yard’s Super Studio! This renovation and addition will have a major impact on The Steel Yard’s capacity and your experience. The project not only provides much needed basics like heat, lighting, and energy efficient windows, but a welcome center with restrooms, classroom, office, and exhibit space. Construction will start after Thanksgiving.

To commemorate the Super Studio we’re shining a spotlight on 10 things you didn’t know about the Steel Yard.

  1. The Steel Yard isn’t just about steel!

This award-winning center has educational and production workshops for a wide range of industrial arts, including:

  • ceramics
  • jewelry-making
  • blacksmithing
  • welding
  • carpentry

With so much different work happening at the same time, creating separations to reduce noise and dust is important. The renovations that KITE designed will provide a more pleasant and safer spaces for all activities at the Steel Yard.   

  1. The Steel Yard is an innovator in power!

The Steel Yard was the first industrial site in history to receive power from  Narragansett Electric! Now we are excited to announce a dramatic new array of solar generation to provide energy for heating welding and lighting using the existing gantries that are a signature feature of The Yard.

  1. The largest outdoor event space in Providence…does not have bathrooms!

No more porta potties, the new addition to the Steel Yard will provide accessible, water-efficient bathrooms. To highlight the work that is made at the Yard, each bathroom will have designs showcasing different industrial arts .

  1. Residency programs for artists/artisans.

The Steel Yard has residency programs that offer use of the facility to established artisans to explore their work. The new spaces include work areas, space for exhibiting work and classrooms.

  1. Did you know about the Weld to Work program?

It’s a program that offers free job training for income-qualified students to embark on a new career. The SuperStudio will allow a dramatic increase in the number of the classes year-round.

  1. No heat currently!

The Steel Yard shuts down in the winter due to a lack of heating. The renovation will introduce introduce heating that will extend teaching and work hours into the winter. The natural ventilation will be improved with giant fans and salvaged copper vent turbines!

  1. Historic – and thrifty!

The Steel Yard is on the National Historic register as an important complex in our industrial heritage. The signature steel windows on the main building will be replaced with energy efficient windows that are historically appropriate. The best part is that the old steel windows will be reused on the inside to create a “fishbowl” viewing space so visitors and staff can see throughout the studio..

  1. A leader in environmentally responsible site design

Did you know that 90% of stormwater is retained and recharged on-site?  This is a role model for a formerly contaminated site like the Steel Yard and absolutely no small feat. The new addition will have a green roof to minimize impact and continue the environmentally responsible approach.

  1. Fundamentally, the Yard is about education

The new addition will include a classroom that will give space for OHSA training to community meetings and other indoor events.

  1. You are a Yardie!

You are a part of the ever-evolving spirited community of the Steel Yard. Come to sign up for a class, come to an iron pour, join the fun, and right now –  contribute to the capital campaign!