The Providence LEED House

East Side of Providence, RI

The Providence LEED house was completed and occupied in late 2010. It was the first house to registered with the LEED for Homes program in Providence and is awaiting certification. Targeting the highest levels of green building, in-field inspections, testing, and documentation will determine the final level. Designed to be extremely energy efficient, this new home is a showcase for green technology.

The house is located on Providence’s East Side and is inspired by other 1930’s craftsman style houses in the area. Its traditional appearance and scale is belied by its cutting edge amenities and technology.

The shell is constructed with the latest technology, including SIPS panels, and insulated concrete forms. The developer and builder, Native Structures, Inc., is committed to building green homes and following sustainable building practices such as reducing construction waste and using FSC products.

With 4 bedrooms and 3-1/2 baths including a luxurious master suite, the house features a dramatic sun-filled atrium that aids in heating the house through passive solar techniques. The garden and yard is designed to retain stormwater and uses native plants. The building shell has tested at an extraordinary level of tightness which will contribute to a dramatic reduction in energy use compared to the average new home.