Post Road Residence

Warwick, RI

This addition and renovation of a circa 1789 home in historic Pawtuxet Village was designed to create a comfortable home that multiple generations could enjoy together, and fit in with its historic neighborhood. Instigated by the combination of households, the addition fits into its contains a family dining room with expansive views to the backyard, an open gourmet kitchen, and a new master bedroom and bathroom suite.

Built-in shelving throughout makes the most of every inch of space for books and other storage. Sightlines through windows, areas of higher ceilings, and ample natural light make the space feel larger, while judicious use of natural wood trim and flooring brings warmth to the space.

Mobility features such as a mobility-friendly enlarged bathroom with a walk-in tub and a new entry stair and ramp were designed to fit with the historic original.

Great care was exercised in minor modifications to the historic original home, including replicating historic trim on new connections and selective repairs to stablize the structure. With an eye to green design, energy costs are minimized through spray foam insulation, use of mini-split system for cooling, radiant floor heat, and the ability to compartmentalize the new rooms from the older house. Passive solar techniques use overhangs to shield summer sun on the southern exposure while allowing winter sunbeams in.

The project was also featured in RI Monthly’s 2012 Home Design publication with builder Sixteen On Center with beautiful photography by Nat Rea – the article starts on page 82!