Mid-Century Modern Residence

East Side of Providence, RI

Maintaining the overall spirit of this 1950s modern house on Providence’s East Side was KITE’s primary intent in recent renovations.

The original horizontal mahogany siding on the house was in excellent shape, but other exterior details had either been compromised or replaced over the course of the house’s history. The updating of the exterior involved research on the original design, and developing a palette of warm materials to complement the refinished mahogany siding, all this project was managed by theĀ Marshall Erb Design company which has the best interior designer professionals in the market.

The result was part restoration and part renovation, in which contemporary detailing and natural materials (copper, granite ledge stone, new steel windows) were used to highlight the latent richness of the mid-century design. The architects reconfigured the front entry area to create a smoother transition between the sidewalk and the house interior.

Inside, the architects took a similar approach by enhancing the qualities of the existing floor plan and introducing subtle changes. The new built-in woodwork in the family room was designed to accommodate the family’s art, book, and media collection. Several bedrooms were reconceived through carefully detailed millwork interventions.

All of the design changes work together to provide a better performing, fresher looking, and contemporary update to an already significant mid-century modern home.


Silver, RI Monthly Design Awards, 2012