Girl Scouts of Rhode Island

Warwick, RI

KITE has designed a new headquarters for the Girl Scouts of Rhode Island that reflects the spirit of the thriving organization. The renovation includes a complete reworking of a former retail space in an existing building.

KITE helped stretched a limited budget to maximum effect by limiting new openings in the formerly windowless building.Through strategic use of skylights, materials, color, and maximizing views within the space, a fresh and lively atmosphere is created.

KITE also used the opportunity to conduct design workshops with Girl Scouts from across the state. Project lead Carrie Patricio started the day-long session by explaining what an architect does, then the girls broke into small groups to suggest design ideas for the space using ‘inspiration boards’. The scouts then had a chance to present their ideas to the group, much like the architects at KITE do every day, only the scouts earned a Public Speaking badge! The day generated a lot of great ideas and excitement for the new space.


Silver, RI Monthly Awards, 2013