Business School Competition

New England

KITE Architects was invited to participate in a funded design competition to design a new home for a business school on a New England campus. KITE’s entry took inspiration from key buildings on campus for the form and imagery of the new additions, and developed a design that integrated useful components of an existing building.

The most striking feature is the large central atrium which contains a lounge that is usable as a event space. Collaboration rooms and informal meeting rooms ring the open atrium on three floors, creating an active hub. The interiors are light and airy, and draw inspiration from structure used in industrial maritime buildings.

The axial entrance to the atrium creates a formal “front door” to the rest of campus, while the side is open to a large outdoor collonaded courtyard that creates a more informal “side door” and active zone for engaging student traffic. An architectural garden-folly in the center serves as a highly visible hub for student clubs.

images 1 & 2 by StudioAMD