ANCHOR, 42 Rice Street

Providence, RI

KITE worked with ANCHOR to develop space that fosters community, collaboration, and creativity.  ANCHOR is a physical space for startups and individuals focusing on design, architecture, and art.

The environmentally friendly renovation includes offices and studios, and space for learning, events, and manufacturing. ANCHOR houses Keeseh Studios, a community wood shop with a vast amount of resources (including a CNC machine). Also on site is the Ecolect Materials Library, physically showcasing hundreds of environmentally-minded material samples for architecture, product design, graphic design, fashion and engineering. Community classes are available in both basic and advanced woodworking and fabrication.

Throughout the project, KITE collaborated with designers and founders of ANCHOR, Asher Dunn and Matt Grigsby, as they continued to develop the interior design for a truly multi-disciplinary project. KITE assisted Anchor in selecting a site, planning interior renovations that created multi-purpose shared event & gallery spaces as well as compartmentalization of noise and dust for various shop, studio, artist and incubator zones, helping secure permits, and working with Pariseault Builders to complete the upgrades.