KITE is Going Bicoastal

KITE is thrilled to announce the creation of our Los Angeles office. KITE Associate and Studio Director Kyle Bamrick, has relocated to LA and will lead our new location with a variety of residential and commercial projects

“We’re so excited to expand our reach and have Kyle lead our work with on-site presence for projects on the West Coast,” said KITE partner, Christine West.

Our firm, having completed projects throughout New England, has expertise in using the latest teleconferencing and remote-work technology to seamlessly connect with staff and stakeholders across time zones. The integration of tools like Slack create a rapid exchange of information that our collaborative work style depends upon. As we use video calls more and more, even our clients close to home appreciate how they can see drawings on the screen and participate more fully without having to fight traffic to review ongoing designs. 

If you have a potential project in LA or know someone who could use our services in the area, please contact us. We are happy to discuss our areas of expertise anytime and we offer free consultations to learn more about your particular project.