KITE is Lead Presenter at Resilient Rhode Island

WHAT CAN WE DO?! Have you asked yourself this question when faced with the reality of global climate change? The issue may be complex, but our individual responses don’t have to be. Next week, KITE Principals Albert Garcia and Christine West will be kicking off the AIAri Summer Conference, themed Resilient Rhode Island, in a talk sharing their experience in designing sustainable projects of all scales and providing tips that industry professionals can apply to their projects today for impactful and measurable results. Learn more about their ┬átalk below and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on July 24th for live coverage!

Leveraging our Role as Architects to Shape a More Resilient Future
Albert Garcia, AIA and Christine West, AIA, KITE Architects

As architects and others in design and construction, we generally have an informed perspective on resiliency, yet it can often be frustrating or overwhelming to see real change given the confined scope of our responsibilities, or fundamental obstacles in the way of our efforts. The principals of KITE Architects will talk about strategies and opportunities they have found to have an impact, both large and small, from the intentional to simply fortuitous. They will highlight projects ranging from massive infrastructure improvements to work with non-profits to single family housing, and fuel a discussion on what we all can do to make a difference.