Carter Center Inspires Original Music

Premiering May 22, 2011 at the Providence Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium, KITE Architects’ work to create the Carter Center of Music Education has helped inspire an original orchestral work “Credo”, ¬†by composer Roger Chichy and performed by the RI Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. ¬†Following is the official statement:

“Music Director Alexey Shabalin and the student musicians of the Youth Orchestra/Symphony Division have been working with composer Roger Cichy throughout the school year on an original piece written to celebrate our musical community and the bridge the Carter Center provides between people and the community. It is a tribute to you, the donors and supporters who have given significantly to make the Philharmonic Music School a community treasure.

The 1st movement, “People” musically describes individuals as having passions and desires, the need for self-worth, purpose, meaning, energies and ambitions. Each family of instruments is featured in this movement. The 2nd movement, “Building” is about the Carter Center from planning to construction to use. Two very important aspects are incorporated in this movement. The melodic makeup of the motive is based on the internals 6-6-7 the address of the center. The movement is written as a bridge form (A-B-C-B-A) to represent the connec tion or bridge between people and community. The physical structure of the Carter Center is a necessity for our musical community to exist. The final movement “Community” is the celebration of the Rhode Island Philharmonic Music School and its impact in the greater Providence area.”

Reporting from the East Providence Patch also describes the impact that the Carter Center has had on area young peoples’ lives.