School of Architecture, Roger Williams College

Bristol, RI

Conceived to provide a new home and department identity for a rapidly growing part of the school’s curriculum, this design was the winning entry in a national design competition that attracted an impressive array of entrants.

The design concept developed around a long, skylit central spine flanked on one side by administrative spaces on one side and linked design studios, stepped to reflect the challenges and natural attrition in each year of the program, on the other. A common gathering space and the department library terminate the ends of this linear two-story gallery. The architectural response to the program produced spaces where interchange is abundant and frequent among the faculty, staff, and students; materials that are durable; and construction techniques and building systems that are exposed and instructive.


Award for the Use of Natural and Artificial Lighting, Illuminating Engineers Society of North America, 1988

Honor Award, AIA Rhode Island, 1987

First Prize Award & Commission for Architectural Services, National Design Competition, 1984