Stand Up For Animals

Westerly, RI

Stand Up For Animals has worked with KITE to create their brand new facilities to shelter dogs, cats and small animals in Westerly, RI.

Stand Up For Animal’s vision is to create a place where animals will be treated with compassion and dignity; where suffering and abuse will not be tolerated; where education and understanding will play an integral role in eliminating overpopulation, animal cruelty and abandonment; where every possible effort is made to return an animal to its owner, or to place that animal in a new, safe and loving home.

Conceived with highly economical yet durable materials, the building creates a comfortable haven with generous natural daylight through transoms and skylights. Protected outdoor areas are provided for all the animals, and a high-volume ventilation system that uses ample amounts of outside air. At 7,000 square feet, the building also provides community meeting space.